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Tango is a digital agency that brings together technology services, design and marketing to make your business grow.

  • Mobile Mobile Mobile Mobile


    We build top-shelf Android, iOS apps and responsive websites that go beyond the expectations. Invest in your mobile presence and move ahead of the competition.

  • Marketing Marketing Marketing Marketing Marketing Marketing


    Tango helps brands promote and grow user base across platforms, from traditional social media such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to specialized, industry-related channels and interactive media.

    We know that compelling branded content is a key to online and offline success for your company.

  • Business Development Business Development Business Development Business Development Business Development

    Business Development

    With a decade of experience in business, our research team will provide you with fresh and insightful information that will help you focus on what your customers are looking for to grow your brand and sales.

  • Creative Creative Creative Creative


    At Tango we deeply believe that great quality design can help you gain new brand advocates. Our experts create signature digital experiences, that truly engage users.

  • Web Development Web Development Web Development Web Development Web Development

    Web Development

    Tango skilled engineers turn your ideas into functional products and services. Our deep expertise across a wide range of web technologies, platforms and tools allows us to build the best possible user experiences for your clients.

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Tango delivers a weekly balance of technical tips and inspirations across web & mobile design, business development and much more. Stay up to date with the latest tech trends and news.

Avatar View for Android Apps

Inspired by Matt Precious’s lecture — Don’t Fear the Canvas we have decided to implement Avatar View with Android data binding support…

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RxJava meets Android Data Binding

Probably every Android developer is using or at least heard about RxJava. Currently, there are lots of libraries that use the…

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My Android internship at Tango

Before the time for an internship comes you have to choose the company where you could gain experience. When the process…

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Material Intro Screen for Android Apps

You want to write an app which will be used by thousands of users, but according to the fortune.com articles, less than 25%…

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