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Senior Python Developer

Are you passionate about marketplaces, startups, and technology? We have an exciting opportunity waiting for you!

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Employee support:
we've got you covered

No worries - we've got your back! We create a level playing field where we value you just the way you are.
  • Your position and pay are based on your performance, without considering things like gender, race, social status, or anything else.
  • Flexible contract options with full benefits, no matter what your contract status is.
  • Private healthcare and mental care packages to take care of you.
  • Polish and English language lessons to help you brush up on your language skills.
  • Tax and legal support when you need it.
  • Relocation support: we'll help you find a place, register your stay, and sort out your taxes.
  • Flexible working hours so you can take breaks for a walk, spend time with family, visit the doctor, or get a workout in.
  • Flexible back-to-work schedule after having a child, because we understand the importance of family.
  • You can take days off on holidays in your home country to celebrate with your loved ones.
  • Unlimited sabbatical for when you need a break.
  • Company library with a selection of 100+ books to feed your mind.
  • Educational budget for both offline and online events so you can keep learning and growing.
Tango's office in Kraków, Krakusa 11
Tango's office in Kraków, Krakusa 11

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