Extending my
development team

Have a team in place? We often contribute as parts of larger agile teams based across multiple timezones.


"Tango's engineers and leadership are technically savvy, excellent communicators, and trusted partners."

Gregory Wong

Director of Digital Products & Health at roamrobotics.com

What can you expect

What can you expect

Building our own products raised the stakes for the team at Tango - we all understand that to build a successful business, IT, business and marketing need to work tightly together. Tango has been built on the principles of a supportive, open community - a place where we, its founders, would proudly apply to work ourselves. We're not a 9-5, clock-punching bunch. We - you and us - are here to build a product you will be proud of, one that scales and shines.

Agile workflow

Every project is different and we're ready for it. You name it - we've been in strict Scrum teams, teams with product owners but no scrum masters, tech-driven teams where the backlog was managed by tech leads. We will work with you to establish a workflow that is best fit for your team.

Proactive team members

We're builders. By building our own products we understand how important it is for development teams to contribute product ideas, help fix the direction and flag issues.

Our technologies


Mobile development

Android Kotlin Java
iOS Swift Objective-C
Cross-platform solutions React Native


Frontend development

JavaScript React.js Angular.js


Backend development

Python Node.js Go


DevOps / Security

Cloud architecture AWS Google Cloud
DevOps Infrastructure as Code Kubernetes Docker
Security and compliance audits PCI ISO

Why use a remote team like Tango?

Hiring a senior iOS developer in San Francisco

Hiring a senior iOS developer at Tango

Time to start

3-12 months

2-4 weeks

By building a strong development culture, we attract local talent.

Average experience

4-8 years

8-10 years




Our customers report an average 20% saving per developer in direct costs and office costs.

Developer happiness / life quality



On average, thanks to location leverage and a different tax setup, the local buying power of a developer at Tango is 150% compared to a SF-based developer.

Happy developers = Better code!